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    Item not available?
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      RAW is the high-end hydration pack for the fast Enduro/Off-road motorcycle racing and adventure, with the perfect balanced fit for any individual rider. The pack is equipped with our bounce free No Dancing Monkey™ 1.2 harness system that makes the pack stay put on your back even in the most gnarly terrain. The unique elastic harness system allows you a tight fit but gives that extra freedom to breathe and move.

      • Zero bounce with NDM 1.2 harness -equipped with our patented No Dancing Monkey™ 1.2 harness system with the NDM buckle for absolutely zero bounce
      • NDM™ Buckle - Technical buckle for a more secure closure and a better fit
      • 2.0L / 70oz Elite - Hydration Bladder included
      • Go superlight with the detachable organizer pocket - easily pop off the organizer pocket when you want to go into lightweight race mode.


      • The RAW 3 enduro backpack is geared up with a main storage compartment for hydration and a water-resistant phone pocket. A bonus is the smart detachable organizer pocket for tools, equipment, and food. The shoulder straps and back panel are well ventilated, so you won’t have to ride sweaty. Keep your phone safe in the water-resistant phone pocket because we all get wetter than we plan when we ride.


      • The hydro backpack comes equipped with a 2.0L/70oz Elite hydration bladder with a slider opening for easy cleaning/drying and to make it possible to put ice inside the bladder during hot conditions. The bladder is also equipped with a smooth Plug-n-Play tube coupling for extra secure and easy handling. The sports backpack comes with two tube clips for secure attachment of the drink tube, and quick access when your riding. If you’re if using the USWE helmet handsfree kit (kit not included with the pack), just use the tube port. Cant get any easier than that!
      PACK TYPE Hydration Backpack
      ACTIVITY Enduro, Off-Road Motorcycle
      USER Unisex
      CHEST FIT RANGE Chest size range: 84 - 110cm / 33 - 43"
      WEIGHT 458g (*excl. bladder)
      DIMENSIONS 31cm Length / 16cm Width / 8cm Depth
      HYDRATION CAPACITY 2.0L / 70 oz
      HYDRATION SYSTEM Elite Hydration Bladder with Plug - n - Play Coupling



      • The total pack volume is 3 liters but can easily be transformed into 2 liters by removing the external multi-pocket where you carry your spare tube, multi-tool and/or rain jacket. It’s simply your race mode that will decide if you go light or superlight for the day. You can even secure a full-face helmet on this baby! For visibility there's an extra reflective point for safety.

      Step 1: When you set up your pack for the first time the harness will be set on the larger multi-size loop (the size loops are located where the stretch connect to the backpack). If a smaller size is needed make sure to use the inner size loop. After checking the size loop setting you start by using the horizontal velcro straps. Simply grab the straps on both sides at the same time, breathe in and set the strap where it fits.

      Step 2: After setting the horizontal velcro straps you might have a perfect fit already. If you're for example a women with larger breasts or you’re use a chest protector you might need to change the vertical velcro  straps. If that's needed simply grab the velcro straps and set them at a good lenght. For women we recommend using these straps at a lower strap setting. We also recommend placing the straps underneath the breasts for optimal comfort.


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